A Hopeful Quote.

Hello everyone. Welcome to another #fridayschoice. Today is a very good day. If you are Irish, then you will know that the majority of restrictions that have been in place in Ireland for the last two years are being lifted at last, and although there may still be some twists and turns ahead, today is a happy, hopeful day.

It has been a long two years. So many people have missed out on so much, our lives were on hold, many of us lost loved ones, many of us dealt with health scares, and overall I think it goes without saying that is has been a really tough time.

I would like to take a moment to talk about the impact of literature and and the arts because I think that in times of darkness, the arts have always been a place where light can be found.

I’ve been very lucky over the past two years, yes I missed out on things, and yes I have missed friends, and I completed a degree alone in my room, but I am very lucky to be able to say that I had a passion that kept me going, I had goals that I was working towards and now I am working towards new ones. The thing that I am the most thankful for is the fact that I am able to say that all of my loved ones are happy and they have remained healthy so I really am truly grateful for all that I do have and while I will always be thankful and appreciative of those who work in our healthcare sectors because they have been heroes over the last two years, I have to acknowledge how much English Literature has positively impacted my life.

Over the last two years, we have turned to streaming services and Netflix and Disney plus and when I look back over the last two years, particularly when I look back at those times when we were in lockdown, I’d have been lost without my books and my shows, and I am so happy that now, finally, the arts can live again. We can sing again. We can be joyful again. We can create and inspire each other again and that is a brilliant thing. The arts are so important and they can touch so many lives, and I will always talk about the importance of the arts in our society.

Today, as my Friday’s Choice, I am going to share a Victor Hugo quote because I feel that it is extremely fitting at this time.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Victor Hugo.

Stay safe everyone. I wish you all a very happy and healthy weekend. Here’s to hope.

Kate xo.

Back to Basics: Nouns.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another #theorythursday. Last week I started a series that I am calling a #backtobasics series. I began by talking about verbs. Today I am continuing on with this #backtobasics series and I am going to talk about nouns.

Let’s dive into Theory Thursday.

What is a noun?

A noun is a word that is used when an author is referring to a person, a place, or a thing. This is the most straightforward explanation of what a noun is.

Let’s take a look at these two sentences that I am making up to use as an example, “The man walked into the house. He was carrying a heavy shopping bag.” The word “man” is a noun as this sentence is referring to a person. The word “house” is another noun as this is the place the man is going to, and the word “bag” is a noun as a shopping bag is a thing. The bag is the thing that the man is carrying.

A noun can also be a word that is used to refer to an idea and this can become slightly more complicated. The idea of justice, the idea of friendship, the idea of honesty etc., these are ideas that are described as being abstract nouns because these are things that cannot be physically held or seen. You can’t see love, you can’t hold love, you can’t physically touch love, but you feel it, and you can express it through actions and words, but love is a feeling, as is anger and fear etc.

Why is it important to understand what a noun is?

As I said in last week’s discussion when I was talking about verbs, I think it is always useful to have a refresher on what certain things mean. This #backtobasics series that I am exploring will be more useful if you are a student as it is simply covering basic ideas that can sometimes get forgotten over time. If you need to write an essay, or you are studying a lot, then it is important to understand what nouns are and what they mean, and so hopefully students may find these particular Theory Thursday discussions helpful.

I also think that sometimes explanations of what these terms mean can be more complicated than they need to be, which is why I explain everything in my own words and create my own examples so that anyone who is interested in literary theory can read about it in a way that I hope is accessible to everyone. You don’t need to have studied English Literature before in order to read my theory discussions which is sometimes the case. I start from scratch and I aim to explain everything in the most straightforward way possible because I believe that having an understanding of literary theory, even down to the basics, will enhance one’s reading experience.

This has been Theory Thursday. I hope you all enjoyed it. I hope you have a lovely weekend. If there is any aspect of literary theory that you find particularly confusing, then please do let me know because I may be able to help.

Kate xo.

Monsters, Inc.

Hello everyone. Welcome to another #moviemonday. Apologies that this discussion is late but it couldn’t be helped. In fact, it is almost fitting because after a stressful Sunday, I decided that I wanted to watch a Disney movie because I wanted to unwind so it’s been a bit of a busy week already but now it’s Tuesday and today was a much better day so it is onwards and upwards for the rest of this week.

Monsters, Inc. is a 2001 Pixar movie. It was directed by Pete Docter.

Let’s dive in.


This movie takes audiences to a world of monsters, where all the power is fuelled by the screams of children. In order to get the screams, the monsters work at Monsters Incorporated. Sully is the best scarer in the company. The idea is that every night the monsters go through a door and scare a child and their screams are collected in order to give the city electricity. All is going very well until a child ends up in the monsters’ universe. Now Sully and his best friend Mike must get the child, who Sully has affectionately named Boo, home before anyone finds out she is there, but on their journey back to Boo’s door, Sully and Mike discover that there are some secret plots going on in the workplace and they must put a stop to them.


James Sullivan, Sully, is the movie’s main protagonist. Sully is a good guy. He’s a hard worker, a great scarer, a good teammate, and a good friend. He’s got everything going for him and when this child ends up in his care, he is logical. He knows no one can find out and he knows that he needs to get her home safely and as the movie goes on, Sully begins to really care about this little girl and so he becomes very fatherly. This little girl teaches Sully a valuable lesson about himself but this is something I will cover in themes.

Mike is Sully’s best friend. He is the wise-cracking comedian of the duo and so some of his reactions to the situations they find themselves in are comedically over the time. At times he gets frustrated by Sully and his feelings get hurt, but at the end of the day he is a true friend and he knows that Sully is doing the right thing so he helps him do it. His comedic talents gain more appreciation at the end of the movie.

Boo is the little girl who finds herself in the world of Monsters Incorporated. She is very sweet and very adventurous and she melts Sully’s heart. She is not old enough to speak properly yet so she communicates through actions and little sounds and some words here and there, but despite her lack of talking, she does not fail to make an impact on Sully.

Randall is the movie’s antagonist. He is Sully’s rival scarer in the company. He is determined to beat Sully in the scaring record and there is a stark difference in Randall’s attitude compared to Sully’s. Sully scares children because it is his job, but he is a kind person when he is off the clock. Randall seems to take delight in the fact that he is terrifying and he is not kind to his fellow co-workers. It is important to note that monsters believe that children and things in the human world are “toxic” so they must never let a child touch them, and they must also avoid touching things like children’s toys.

Sully learns that Boo is harmless which is why he is determined to get her home safely before someone else tries to harm her.

Another key character is Henry J. Waternoose III. He is the CEO of the company and he is determined to never let the company fail and he is worried about the expected “scream shortage”. I think he is a great character because he seems so level headed and fair. He seems kind. We feel we can trust him, but this movie teaches us that the real monsters aren’t always who we think they are.


The major theme in this movie is friendship. I also think that the idea of overcoming differences is a huge theme in this movie too. Sully and Mike are the best of friends, always there for each other no matter what. They may have ups and downs but when it comes down to it, they can count on each other. The friendship between Sully, Mike, and Boo is really important. Monsters have been taught that children are a danger to them so when Boo first appears in their world, Sully and Mike are afraid of getting too close to her. Sully is the one who sees she is a harmless little girl so he sets aside all he’s ever been taught and decides that he has to get her home safely. I know it is a children’s movie but I think that this movie really demonstrates how fear can come from ignorance, and I will always point out how children’s movies can be so much more nuanced than they get credit for. There is an idea of overcoming one’s fears that is explored in this movie. Sully and Mike must face their fear and see that Boo is not a threat to them, and Boo learns that she does not need to be afraid of the monsters in her wardrobe. It is funny because Boo is never scared of Sully and Mike, she is only scared of Randall because Randall is her monster. He is the one who goes through her door at night and scares her, so she sees him in that context. Sully is kind to her, he does not pose a threat despite very big and strong so she sees him in only a positive light and I think this demonstrates how very often children are so perceptive. There is a moment in this movie that I love, and it is when Sully is giving a “scare demonstration” upon the request of Mr. Waternoose. Sully demonstrates to new scarers how to scare a child and it is the first time that Boo sees him in a light she views as scary. After this moment, she won’t go near him, she cries, for the first time in this movie, she views him as a monster and Sully, who has seen himself on the monitor, is horrified by what he sees. He sees how scary he looks, he sees how much that would scare a child and he does not like it. He reflects on this. He asks “did you see the way she looked at me?”, and I just think that it is a very powerful moment. I love the classic Disney and Pixar movies for this exact reason. Yes they are created with the target audience being children, but that does not mean they are not good. It does not mean that they are silly. They are often filled with emotional moments, some that we may miss until we watch them again through adult eyes, but I was very impressed with this movie after watching it again because it is funny, I love the premise, I think the concept is clever, but it is also very heartfelt and heartwarming.


This movie is 92 minutes long which is the perfect length in my opinion. Something that I like about Disney movies and Pixar movies is that they tend to be only an hour and a half long, most likely because a young child probably would not sit watching for much longer, but these movies prove that you don’t need hours and hours to tell a perfectly rounded out story, you simply need to do well with the time you have. The opening sets up how the monster world works, the incident where a monster is “decontaminated” because they touched a child’s sock shows how afraid of humans the monsters are, and so when Boo ends up in the company, the audience knows Sully has to get her home because she is not safe there. We know that he has to avoid Randall and everyone else, we know he has to get her to her door, we understand the stakes and so as the movie plays out and Sully tries to get Boo home, while bonding with her in the meantime, it means that the movie’s ending is all the more heartfelt. We can see how much he has come to love Boo. We know she has to go home, but we know that this is going to be sad and all the questions that the movie set up are answered, and it’s all done in an hour and a half. Nothing feels rushed, nothing feels half-done, the twists are compelling but they make sense, and so it just shows how a great story can be told in a shorter time frame.

Final Thoughts.

This movie was the perfect cure to a bad day. It was funny, it was really compelling. It had been a few years since I had seen it so I did not remember everything which made watching it again all the more enjoyable. I was fully invested in the story and I think that I would call it one of my favourite Pixar movies. I’d highly recommend it.

This has been #moviemonday.

Kate xo.


Hello everyone. Happy Friday. 

Today’s #fridayschoice is another tv recommendation. 

I’ve been sharing a lot of #watchtvwithme snaps on my stories but it’s been a while since I’ve properly recommended something. 

Lately I’ve been watching Smother and I’ve really been enjoying it. 

This series is set in Ireland and it follows the character Val Ahern and her family as they have to come together after her husband’s death. As Val examines her life, it soon becomes clear that perhaps her husband wasn’t such a nice person after all because his controlling ways have impacted each and every member of the family. 

Family secrets will be revealed and there’s many twists and turns along the way. 

It’s been a really enjoyable watch and I’ve gotten more invested with each episode so I’d highly recommend it. 

This has been Friday’s Choice. Have a lovely weekend. 

Kate xo. 

Back to Basics: Verbs.

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another #theorythursdy. Last week I talked about punctuation. I concentrated on what an ellipsis mark means. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Today I have decided to start a #backtobasics series. In this series, I am going to be talking about basic components of English and I am starting with verbs. The reason I have decided to do a back to basics series is because some people have told me that they still get mixed up when thinking about what some things mean, or they feel certain things could be explained in an easier way so I am going to talk about nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc, so if you need a refresher on what certain things mean then Theory Thursdays will be really useful.

If you follow me on Instagram (@katelovesliterature), then you will have seen that on Tuesday evening I attended a performance of Brian Friel’s Faith Healer in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and it was incredible. There will be a #theatretrip discussion coming up about it soon.

Let’s dive into Theory Thursday.

What is a verb?

I think the easiest way to explain what a verb is, is to say that a verb is an action word.

An example of the use of a verb in a sentence can be found in a sentence such as “The girl ran across the road.” In this sentence, the girl is running, the action is to run, so the verb in this sentence is the word “ran”.

A verb can also be used to describe a state of being and it can also be used to describe an occurrence.

This can sound slightly more complicated so I think it is easier to explain with an example.

If I were to say something like “Through the years, the child became an adult.” The word “became” is the verb that is describing an occurrence because a child growing from childhood to adulthood is an occurrence.

A verb used to describe a state of being, will describe the way something is in the present moment. “The girl is happy.” The word “is” is the state of being verb in this sentence because it is telling readers the girl’s state of being. In the moment that we are reading that sentence, we are learning that the girl is in a happy state.

If I were to say something like “The girl smiled in delight because she was happy to learn that she was going to her grandmother’s house for the weekend.” The verbs in this sentence are the words “smiled”, “was”, and “going”. Two of the verbs are doing words that describe an action, “smiled” and “going” and “was” is a state of being verb because the girl was in a happy state upon learning that she was going to her grandmother’s house.

Most sentences contain a verb of some sort.

Why is this important?

I think having an understanding of verbs and how they function simply broadens one’s understanding of language all together. Obviously if you are a student then this type of information will be more useful because you will have to be able to identify verbs when you are writing as when you are a student you have to be aware of grammar in general. I also think it can be useful to get a little refresher sometimes about what certain things mean because over time we can forget or get mixed up. I am always learning and studying and refreshing my memory on what things mean because when I choose a Theory Thursday topic, I always explain it in my own words because I think the key to knowing that you understand something is when you can clearly explain the topic to someone else. All of the examples I give are sentences that I have made up myself. If I do quote something or someone I will always reference them, but I like to try to stick to my own words as much as possible because my aim behind Theory Thursdays is to explain aspects of grammar and literary theory in the most straightforward way possible so that anyone who is interested in it can read about it and hopefully enjoy my discussions.

This has been Theory Thursday. Happy Friday Eve.

Kate xo.

Die Hard 4.0

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another #moviemonday. 

Today I am talking about Die Hard 4.0. 

There are five movies in the Die Hard series, I think that the original is the best. I love the third movie too. Last night I watched the fourth movie in the series and because it is a stand alone story, I’m going to discuss it this evening. 

Let’s dive in! 

This movie was released in 2007 and it was directed by Len Wiseman. 


John McClane is back and this time he is battling technology. When he is sent to collect a hacker and bring him to Washington, John thinks it’ll be an easy job but when he arrives at Matt Farrell’s apartment, he ends up fighting off a mysterious group of men who are attempting to kill Matt. 

The two become an unlikely team as they have to figure out a way to save the day when there’s virtual terrorists on the loose. 


John McClane, everyone’s favourite unlikely hero is back. Once again he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and despite his protests, he has to save the day because he’s “that guy”. John is fed up with this happening and so in this movie he is a slightly more unhinged unlikely hero and it is brilliant. He’s quick thinking and sarcastic as always and he doesn’t fail to deliver the action. 

Matt Farrell is our hacker. He is the movie’s main protagonist alongside John. 

Matt is in his twenties and he is a tech wizard, he writes code and throughout the movie he helps John figure out what is going on. He’s nervous and rambling and a bit of a loveable nerd but when the chips are down, Matt steps up to the plate. 

Thomas Gabriel is the movie’s antagonist. He is the man behind the chaos. He is the person who is causing all of the destruction that John and Matt must fix. He is calculated, cunning, and extremely tech savvy. He’s on a quest for revenge. 

John McClane’s daughter Lucy also makes an appearance in this movie and she is every bit her father’s daughter. She’s sarcastic and very intelligent. She’s feisty and when danger lurks, she’s able to hold her own. 

Lucy is also John’s weakness so there are some brilliant moments in this movie when John is fighting for his little girl. 


I would say that the power of technology is a major theme in this movie and while many people have said they dislike this movie, I think it is very good and I actually really like the premise. 

The movie explores what happens when everything that is run by technology gets shut down. Traffic lights are hacked and this causes major collisions. Power is shut off which causes blackouts. Utilities are shut down, alarms are set off, financial sectors crash, and chaos is rampant. It’s the perfect way to take out an entire system. The country is in darkness. 

Another theme is family. John and his daughter have a complex relationship. She is angry with him and she goes by her mother’s maiden name but at the end of the day, Lucy loves her father and she is terrified when she thinks he’s badly hurt. She wants him to make it and John is determined to make sure that nothing happens to her. An important lesson that people should learn is that you do not mess with the people who John McClane loves.

Heroism is another theme. John and Matt have quite a poignant conversation about why John does what he does. Why does he save the day? Why does he run towards danger and not away from it? John says he wishes someone else would save the day so he doesn’t have to, but no one else will do it so that’s why he does. That’s what makes him that guy. John is a hero because he does what he has to do. Matt learns this lesson and he learns that he too is more heroic than he gives himself credit for. 


The movie is just over two hours long but it’s action packed so it doesn’t feel too long. I enjoy how this movie’s threat is more technology based as John must figure out how to fight the bad guys while they’re hacking into his gps, his phone, his radio etc. The movie demonstrates how much of our lives are digitally recorded and it’s fun seeing John out of his depth but still incredibly willing to fight. 

The structure of the movies in the Die Hard collection is always very satisfying as there is always a moment when all the dots connect and we see the full picture. We see the motivations behind each character and we see John’s plan to fix things. This movie is no different. 

Final Thoughts. 

Overall I enjoyed watching this movie. There are some great lines, some brilliant action scenes and while it isn’t the best movie in the series, I think the concept was interesting and well executed. I would recommend giving it a watch. 

This has been Movie Monday. 

I hope you all have a lovely week. 

Kate xo. 

A Quote I’d Like To Share.

Hello everyone. Welcome to another #fridayschoice. 

This evening I’m simply sharing a quote that I love and I hope that you all like it too. 

“The earth has music for those who listen.” – William Shakespeare. 

This is just a very simple quote that I really love because I think it just beautifully highlights the wonder that creativity brings. 

If you like art, if you like music, if you like reading, if you are in any way a creative person then you will understand how moving a piece of art can be. 

Not everyone appreciates the arts. Not everyone appreciates literature or music, and that’s okay. We don’t all have to have the same interests, but for those of us who do enjoy music, art, dancing, the theatre, etc, there will always be something to spark our imagination because “the earth has music for those who listen.” 

This has been Friday’s Choice. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Kate xo. 

Punctuation: Ellipsis.

Hello everyone. Welcome to another #theorythursday. Last week I talked about what the term juxtaposition means so check that out if you haven’t already. Today I am talking about punctuation again so let’s dive in.

What is an ellipsis?

An ellipsis mark is made up of three periods. It looks like this …

What does this mean?

An ellipsis mark is used when someone is quoting someone else but they do not want to use the entire quote. The ellipsis mark tells readers that there is an omission in this quote.

If I want to quote the beginning of a paragraph and the end of a paragraph then I would use an ellipsis mark to indicate that I have skipped over part of this quote.


“The studio was filled with the rich odour of roses…or the more delicate perfume of the pink-flowering thorn.” (The Picture of Dorian Gray, Illustrated by Henry Keen, from The Oscar Wilde Collection: A Selection Of His Greatest Works, Chapter 1, pg.13).

I have used a quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray as an example, you can see that I have started to quote this book, but I did not want to use the entire quote. I have used the beginning and the end of the first sentence in chapter one and I have used the ellipsis mark … to indicate that there are lines missing from this quote.

Why is this important?

I think that understanding what an ellipsis mark means is very important for writers and for students especially. If you are writing an essay and you want to use a quote but not an entire paragraph then it is important to know that you can break up a quote without misquoting or improperly quoting. The ellipsis mark … allows students to use the key parts of the quote that they need without having extra information that they may not need because when writing essays, it is especially important to make sure that any quotes you use make sense. A quote should back up what you are saying, you should not just throw in quotes because you think it shows off that you know this quote, a quote should serve the rest of your writing.

It is also important to understand what an ellipsis mark is and what it means from a reader’s perspective too because if you see this mark … and you don’t know what it means then you will be confused.

This has been Theory Thursday. Is there any punctuation mark that you find really confusing? Let me know.

Kate xo.

January’s Book Of The Month.

Hello everyone. Happy January. It is a new year. I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022.

I am looking forward to moving onwards and upwards this year.

I’ve just shared on my Instagram (@katelovesliterature), that January’s #bookofthemonth is The Oscar Wilde Collection: A Selection Of His Greatest Works.

This is book is a beautiful collector’s item that I bought myself before Christmas because when I saw it I fell in love with it. It is a collection of some of Wilde’s greatest works including poems and children’s works and it also contains beautiful illustrations.

I thought that this would be a lovely book to make my way through during the month of January even though it is a collection of different works rather than just one novel. The fact is that January will be a very busy month for me, as I am sure it will be for lots of people, and I have mentioned before how the appeal of shorter stories is that you can still enjoy reading beautiful pieces even if you don’t have loads of spare time. I also am a fan of Oscar Wilde and so I am looking forward to reading some classic literature as some of these works I have read already, but some are new to me.

Are you a fan of Oscar Wilde? If so, what is your favourite of his works? I’d love to know.

Do you like longer novels or are you a fan of a short story?

Kate xo.

A snap of this beautiful book.

Hot Fuzz.

Hello everyone. Welcome to the first #moviemonday of 2022.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead because despite everything that is going on, I do have goals that I am steadily striving towards and there are things to look forward to. I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2022.

Let’s dive into today’s #moviemonday discussion.

Today I am talking about Hot Fuzz. The movie was released in 2007 and it was directed by Edgar Wright.

I watched Hot Fuzz for the first time last night and I really enjoyed it. It was completely different to what I was expecting. I laughed a lot, I was fully invested and I thought it would be a fun movie to kick off #moviemondays in 2022.


This is a buddy cop movie and it follows PC Nicholas Angel, an uptight, lonely, stick in the mud police officer who gets sent from London to the rural town of Sandford. At first the movie seems like it will be the classic plot of outsider comes to the small town where everyone knows everyone and he must try to learn to fit in, and this is the case to an extent, but then the movie takes a turn and Nicholas learns that Sandford is not the sleepy village he thinks it is.


The main protagonist is Nicholas Angel. Nicholas is by the book. He is the classic straight man in the buddy cop pairing. He is the serious one. He loves the rulebook. His life is the job, he cannot switch off and this inability to switch off causes him many issues in his personal life. He is lonely, relationships fail, he is not very endearing, and at first he is a really hard character to like because there is nothing wrong with being a person who likes rules, but Nicholas’s holier than thou attitude really rubs people the wrong way, but by the movie’s end Nicholas develops as a character and he became someone I really rooted for. No spoilers here, go watch the movie, but I do love the learning and growing that tends to happen in buddy cop movies.

The other half of the dynamic buddy cop duo is PC Danny Butterman. Danny loves action movies, and he lives for a thrill. He feels he is missing out on “real” policing in his quiet home of Sandford and so he is fascinated by an officer from London. Danny is the only person who really tries to befriend Nicholas and make him feel welcome, and although Nicholas does not appreciate his efforts at first, the two go on to be a brilliant team. Danny teaches Nicholas to lighten up and he helps him realise his life cannot be all about work all the time, and in turn, Nicholas teaches Danny how to stand up for himself. As always, the two characters are very different but they balance each other out. Danny is also my favourite character in this movie. I found him really fun and very endearing.

The really interesting thing about this movie is that I cannot discuss who the antagonist is because doing so would spoil the movie and there will be no spoilers here. The movie features an absolutely brilliant ensemble cast and the actors really captured that small town feel where everyone knows everyone and they have known each other for years. Each character is quirky and unique and throughout the movie I kept guessing who the antagonist would turn out to be.

The movie keeps you invested as there are many twists and turns so it makes for a really engaging watch.

Since I cannot really expand on the other characters too much without giving anything away, I am going to talk about style along with themes because I really enjoyed how this movie was directed and edited.

Themes & Style.

The script for Hot Fuzz was inspired by many different action movies and I think this becomes really obvious as the movie plays out. In a way I would say that this movie is almost like a nod to action movies, because as I said, Danny one of the main protagonists, loves action movies and so his love for action movies leads to a thirst for more action in his small town. Danny makes decisions as if he is in an action movie, he’s even got one liners at the ready because Danny sees himself as the hero in these action movies and there are some brilliant action sequences in this movie.

The style and tone of this movie is really interesting. It is a buddy cop comedy, but at times there is almost a horror movie feel to it, even though it is not a horror movie. This movie was chosen by a really close friend of mine as it is one of his favourites, as is Scream, and while we were watching I said that some elements did remind me a bit of Scream – I won’t spoil the movie but if you have already seen Hot Fuzz and Scream then you will understand what I mean. There are times when this movie feels like a serious crime investigation movie as the crimes in Sandford keep increasing and becoming more violent but no one aside from Nicholas seems overly concerned and then finally, in the last act of this movie, we move into what feels like a full-scale action movie which is really funny and really satisfying because we get to see Danny live out his heroic action movie dreams. Despite all of these shifts in tone, the movie feels very cohesive and at no point does it seem all over the place and this is because the movie does an incredible job of setting things up that have pay off later. There is not a single question left unanswered, there are no loose ends, everything that gets set up in the beginning makes sense at some point later on in the movie so even with the changes in tone, the movie never loses sense.

The movie’s main themes are friendship, the concept of justice, and the concept of individuality vs blending in with a crowd. Nicholas has a really strong sense of right and wrong and he acts when he sees the slightest indiscretion. He is almost arrogant about his sense of right and wrong, he never turns off, he misses personal events, he is never lighthearted, he does not take a joke, and throughout the movie he learns that he can still right wrongs, and he can still be a good police officer but it’s okay to have a laugh and to be friends with your colleagues etc. He struggles to fit in in Sandford and at times it seems like he is the only person who understands that something is wrong and so he decides to stand his ground and investigate even when everyone is scoffing at him. His desire to find the truth further alienates him from the people in his new home but he knows he is doing the right thing, and this is admirable because it is easy to do the right thing when you have support, it is not easy to do the right thing when everyone is mocking you for it. I think this is important because while it is important to have a work/life balance, which is something that Nicholas learns, it is also okay to stay true to your gut when you truly believe in something. You can still be an individual within a community, it is all about finding balance which is what Nicholas and Danny do.


I would say that Hot Fuzz follows a three-act structure. There is the move to Sandford which is act one, and the move to this rural place is what kicks off the plot.

Act two, the main body of the plot is when the crimes or “accidents” begin to happen more regularly and Nicholas becomes more and more convinced that something is wrong.

We then have a twist, which kicks off the third act of the movie which is also when the movie enters full action movie territory and all of the dots begin to connect. The movie is just over two hours long, so it is long, but it is engaging throughout and it is one of those movies where small details, down to just one line that seems just for comedy at the time, becomes important at a later point and I really like movies like that, where seemingly unimportant things all come together perfectly.

Final Thoughts.

Hot Fuzz is brilliantly funny. It is clever. If you like action movies then you will really appreciate the love for action movies that this movie displays. There are a few gory moments that someone more squeamish (me) may need to look away for, but those moments did not hinder my enjoyment of the movie at all. I laughed so much and I was genuinely caught off guard by the plot twists. I would watch it again and I would highly recommend it.

This has been #moviemonday. I hope you enjoyed it. Have you seen Hot Fuzz? What is your favourite action movie? Let me know.

Kate xo.