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Hello everyone and welcome back to #moviemonday. Today is the last Monday in October which means that today’s movie will be the last #spookyseason movie until next year. I’ve really embraced the Halloween spirit this year and I’ve been watching movies that I usually wouldn’t as horror isn’t my favourite genre, but I’ve said many … Continue reading Halloween.

Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical.

Hello everyone. Happy Friday. Welcome back to another #fridayschoice. Today I am talking about a musical that I love, so musical lovers tune in! Let’s talk about Jekyll & Hyde The Musical. I am going to start off by saying that I really like all versions of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella the Strange Case of … Continue reading Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical.

Subversive Literature.

Hello everyone and welcome back to #theorythursday. I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing by. Next week is the last week of October and then we are moving onwards and upwards into a new month. Last week I talked about the difference between horror and terror, and you should check that out if … Continue reading Subversive Literature.

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