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Blade Runner Live.

Hello everyone. I have been one lucky lady lately as I have been doing so much and I’ve been getting the opportunity to enjoy the arts more and more.  If you follow me on Instagram (@katelovesliterature), then you know that I am just back from London. I had an amazing trip. I did so much. … Continue reading Blade Runner Live.


Hello everyone. Welcome back to #theorythursday. Today I am going to talk about what an epigraph is. Let’s dive in. What is an epigraph? Have you ever opened a book to find a phrase or a quote at the beginning of the story? Most people have probably read many epigraphs without realising that there is … Continue reading Epigraph.

Through the Looking-Glass.

Hello everyone. I am publishing my March’s Book Of The Month discussion later than intended, but let’s dive right in. Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass takes place months after the events of Alice in Wonderland. In this book, readers follow Alice to another magical world as this time she takes a step through her mirror … Continue reading Through the Looking-Glass.

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