Theatre Throwback: Mary Poppins.

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday. It’s time for another theatre throwback. In 2015 the magical Mary Poppins flew into the Bord Gàis Energy Theatre in Dublin and it quickly became one of my favourite musicals.

As you will see from the pictures below, I am a fan of Mary Poppins. The movie has always been one of my favourite Disney movies and over the years people have given me an array of Mary Poppins themed presents, from bobble heads to notebooks.

2015 was the year I sat my Junior Cert, if you’re not Irish and you don’t know what this means, it’s one of the two biggest exams we do while we are still in secondary school (high school). It’s the less scary version of the Leaving Cert and looking back once it was over it was hardly mentioned again, but nevertheless it is important at the time and I don’t like dismissing it because students have to get through it and the work they put in should be acknowledged.

Why mention this? Well music was one of my subjects, and as any Irish music student knows, the exam consists of a practical. Play an instrument or sing. I sang. My teacher had a method for choosing songs, show variety and do four different ones. A pop song, a hymn, an Irish song and a song from a musical. I chose to sing Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins and then later in the year after the anticipation of results were behind me, Mary Poppins the musical came to Dublin and as my own mother said, I couldn’t miss this show.

The wonderful Zizi Strallen was Mary Poppins and I still remember the applause when she flew over the audience with her umbrella. I was fifteen at the time and I was beginning to take drama classes more seriously, I was falling in love with watching things onstage and this was the show that made me really pay attention to detail. The transitions were seamless, the moving set and the special effects were fantastic. It really felt magical. It is so hard to pick just one favourite moment but the fabulous Matt Lee as Bert tap dancing upside down across the ceiling is definitely one of them.

If you’re a Disney fan then this is a show you will love. The magic of Disney is captured in every scene and of course the score is just beautifully filled with the songs we all know and love from the movie, along with some new ones specifically for the show. The costumes are beautiful, the dancing is upbeat, lively and mesmerising, and of course the story is what makes this show.

Even if you’re not a Disney fan, I would say if you get a chance to see Mary Poppins then you should go. It’s funny, it’s moving, and it’s absolutely magical and it is still a show that stands out in my memory years later.

I hope I get the chance to see this show again someday, but for now it was nice to walk down memory lane. I hope you all enjoyed my theatre throwback. Have you seen Mary Poppins? What did you think? What’s your favourite Disney musical? I’d love to know.

Kate xo.

The stunning charms, practically perfect, her boot, her picture, the famous bag, her umbrella and her hat, and of course the little stars because “if you reach for the stars all you get are the stars … but if you reach for the heavens you get the stars thrown in” xo.

6 thoughts on “Theatre Throwback: Mary Poppins.

  1. All I saw of Mary Poppins was the movie along with its sequel- which means never saw the stage show. Have never gotten the chance to see the stage show.

    Hard for me to choose my favorite Disney musical- either Lion King or Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast or Newsies or Frozen. Saw of those live except for Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, which I really want to see someday- luckily Frozen is touring to my hometown June 2022.


    1. If you ever get the chance to see Mary Poppins, I highly recommend it.

      I saw The Lion King in the Bord Gáis, beautiful show. The next Disney musical I’ll be seeing is Beauty and the Beast. My tickets got rescheduled so unless any other Disney show tours in Dublin before then, that’s next on my list. Many more theatre trip blogs to come so stay tuned. As always, thanks so much for your comment.

      Kate xo.


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