English Grinds.

Are you sitting your Leaving Certificate in June 2023?

Are you dreading the English paper?

Do you struggle with poetry? Is your set Shakespeare play confusing you?

Let me help.

Starting in September 2022, I am going to be offering English grinds.

You can contact me for details by emailing katelovesliterature@gmail.com.

I got a H1 in English. I went on to study English Literature in college after doing my Leaving Cert.

I graduated with a BA in English Literature. I got a distinction and I ranked 3rd in my college course. I am currently studying English Literature at Masters level, specialising in children’s literature. I’m very calm, very patient, and I believe that I can help you form a better understanding of whatever it is you are finding difficult, whether its poetry, prose, or grammar.

I like to take things step by step. I believe in explaining things in the most straightforward way possible. It doesn’t matter if you ask me to explain the same thing ten times, the goal is to help you feel the most confident you can about sitting your English paper.

I know that many people dread the English paper. It can be intimidating as there is a lot of ground to cover and people can feel stressed about running out of time, so if I’m giving you grinds, not only will we go through your material, but we can also talk about time management in the exam.

The Leaving Cert is a stressful time. English is a daunting subject for some. If you’re struggling then please contact me because I’d love to help.

For any information about my English grinds, such as times, session plans, and session rates, please contact me via email – katelovesliterature@gmail.com.

Kate xo.

5 thoughts on “English Grinds.

  1. Yes, wasn’t an English major but there were some TOUGH papers to write in BOTH high school and college. Good thing my English teacher in 9th and 10th grade gave me good advice (glad to have him both grades)—- “just write don’t think about it” (helpful for 1st draft)

    Senior Exit Paper (12th grade)- this one I wasn’t looking forward to. But, at least we could choose our topic. This one required both a paper and presentation

    As for college- ALL the papers, kept that advice. Took advantage of writing center- decided to stick with the same person my entire university life (that is helpful because that person would get to know your writing style and would remember where you left on that paper).

    Hardest papers of university- Social Theory (well, to get an “A”, that paper had to be like 22 pages long, with like 15 sources—-went that route- and was only student in my class who did that)

    Another tough university paper (technically we had to do two, and that was only way to get a “B”- well it was only way to pass that tough class”) was Western Civilization II- constantly went to teacher to pick topic= settled on dealing with Enlightenment and Romanticism, but first had to ask my teacher if I could use some novels I love- the rule was if I use some of the things we studied in it, and we agreed I could combine both papers (so mine had to be double the length)


    1. I’m a big believer in the “just write, don’t think about it” method. Get your thoughts down on paper and then edit. This is my system. It is easier to edit a messy first draft than to stare at a blank page.

      It is also really interesting to hear about the American school system as it is quite different in Ireland. Thanks for sharing.

      In Ireland, the Leaving Cert is the last exam you do in secondary school and it could be the last school exam you sit if you decide not to go to college. There are two English papers and they are quite difficult as you have to answer questions on unknown readings – a piece of random prose that you’re given on the day and you have to write about it then and there. There is also an unknown poem selection – same thing, you’re given a poem at random and have to answer questions on it there and then, essay style.

      You also have to write about a poet that you have studied, you study several over your last two years of secondary school and one of those options appear on the day, you won’t know which one it will be until you open the paper. You also have to write about either a book or a film that your class chose to study, and there is also a Shakespeare section. It is a daunting exam as you have to write several essay style answers over the course of a few hours, unlike a college paper where you’ll have a due date and time to work on drafts, the Leaving Cert is one day and you get one chance at it.

      Kate xo.


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