Out of Office.

A Katelovesliterature.com update…

By Kate O’Brien. 

I am currently still #outofoffice as I am very sick at moment with a very bad throat infection. I am on my third set of antibiotics. 

I have been unable to write and edit pieces over the past two weeks. I have been posting updates on my Instagram @katelovesliterature – so if you follow me there then you will have already seen why I have not published any new pieces. 

I did not plan on being out of office for so long, but I will not publish pieces that I feel were not written to best of my abilities. 

I am taking the time to rest and mind myself, I am also coming up to the end of my master’s programme so when I have had little bursts of energy, I had to put essays first. 

I have a backlog of pieces that I hope to complete and publish soon. 

I have an entire #traveldiary all about London that I am excited to share. 

It was the best trip and we did lots of literary inspired things so I can’t wait to share our adventures alongside some travel snaps. 

I have a #theatretrip piece coming up as when we were in London, we went to see the iconic Phantom of the Opera in Her Majesty’s Theatre. 

I had planned to publish a St.Patrick’s Day inspired piece all about my favourite Irish writers but unfortunately that piece has been delayed as well. 

I am currently watching Breaking Bad for the very first time (yes, I know I am extremely late to this show,) so there will be a #watchtvwithme piece coming up when I have finished the entire show. 

I apologise for the lack of updates here on Katelovesliterature.com – thank you to everyone who has sent me a lovely message wishing me well. I appreciate it. 

I really hope to be feeling better and back at it very soon, and as I’ve said I have a backlog of pieces that I am excited to share so once I am finally feeling better, there is lots to come here on Katelovesliterature.com

Kate xo. 

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